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In the Middle of It

As its longtime focus on race and inequality becomes central in the national conversation, The Chicago Reporter redefines itself as an online news organization

“Issues around policing, Black Lives Matter, and so many other racial justice movements had erupted through these incredible online conversations,” Richardson recalls. “A lot of the core issues we had reported about were really playing out, and the ideas being spread were clearly via social media. It struck me that, well, we need to think about how we can be in those conversations more aggressively with the type of information and investigative work that we do, and the data.”


Net Positive

The Salty Prawn brings fresh, sustainably grown shrimp to Chicago

Vanessa Barajas

“This is not a normal system.”

Visual Arts

Learn as You Do

“Wxnder Wxrds” at the Hyde Park Art Center

The first word visible was the only instruction necessary. Diagonally down a poster-sized print, in a large, orange, block type that required deciphering, it read learn. The second word, deciphered, felt like a reward for the viewer’s work: focus, and intersecting it like a word in Scrabble, the Spanish: foco. Continue reading


Renewing the Rosenwald

Inside the history of Chicago's oldest new housing development

Archival Photographic Files, Mildred Mead Photographs, [apf-09303], Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.

The Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments had promise. So Edwin Embree, president of the Rosenwald Fund, predicted in June of 1929, in the Julius Rosenwald Fund’s 1928–1929 Year in Review. Possible complication? The apartment complex had been open barely a month. Continue reading

Visual Arts

A Biography in Reverse

“People at Work” at URI-EICHEN

Michael Gaylord James

Michael Gaylord James leans against the window, legs crossed and one black boot perched on the other, the two “Jesus Garcia for Mayor” buttons on his chest standing out against his sensible winter fleeces. His black-and-white reflection in the window seems like it belongs among the photographs lining the wall next to him: an artist at work, seventy or so years old, surveying his output. Continue reading