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In Your Neighborhood

A conversation with Eve Ewing and Nate Marshall

Nate Marshall and Eve Ewing spent years as what Marshall called “Chicagoans in exile”: both born in the city, but departed in the course of their education (Marshall to Nashville then Ann Arbor; Ewing to Boston). But by this fall, both will be back in Chicago full-time. The creation of their new project Crescendo Literary, an organization devoted to community-based art, formalizes the exchange of ideas between the two longtime friends; its first projects, an Emerging Poets Incubator and a block party (both hosted in tandem with the Poetry Foundation, the latter also including The Renaissance Collaborative), took place July 28-30. Ewing and Marshall have both been poets and teachers in a multitude of settings, ranging from Young Chicago Authors to the University of Chicago, and their conversation with the Weekly (to which Ewing called in from New York) traced the shifting balance between art, community, mentorship, and political engagement in their life, work, and promising collaboration. 

Interviews | Police

Learn From Each Other

A beat meeting facilitator on building trust between the community and the police

Leonard McGee, photographed by Maria Cardona / City Bureau.

4nkoVe1iThis report was produced in collaboration with City Bureau, a Chicago-based journalism lab. An introduction to important concepts relating to CAPS and restorative justice can be found here.

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He Was Ali

Remembering "the Champ" with Hermene Hartman

Hermene Hartman is a Chicago publisher who runs N’DIGO magazine, a publication focused on black perspectives and experiences. In 2005, Hartman honored Muhammad Ali with the lifetime achievement award at N’DIGO’s 10th annual gala. She spoke to the Weekly about how the event unfolded, what Ali meant to Chicago, his introduction to then-Senator Barack Obama, and how the Champ will be remembered in his once-hometown after his recent death.

Interviews | Radio

SSW Radio: Modern Love

To celebrate Valentine's Day, SSW Radio produced a mini "Modern Love" inspired interview series.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, SSW Radio produced a mini “Modern Love” inspired interview series. These short stories about unconventional love on the South Side of Chicago range from middle schoolers to couples in their 40th year of marriage, and discussion about love found in cafes and activist organizations.

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Paperback Writer

Beware of Napkins, Poems and Illustrations Inspired by the Beatles

Melanie Jeanne Plank

The music is at the heart of it, but the focus is really on everyone around the music, that the music has brought together: the people who are listening to it, the people in the background.