Brighton Park | Food | Food Issue 2019

Something New In Front of the Sun

Brighton Park's Frente al Sol

Adam Przybyl

I got a sense of the kind of effect Frente al Sol could have on a customer when I walked in for the first time and a woman by the counter turned to me, completely unprompted, and said, “The food here is amazing.” A few minutes later, again spontaneously, she told me to have a great day as she left before I could get her name. Wondering if the food here had that impact on everyone, I ordered, on the co-owner’s recommendation, a tilapia taco ($3.15) and four chicken enchiladas in an avocado-poblano sauce ($12.59). Frente al Sol bills itself as a Mexican fusion restaurant, so even though the menu had a lot of familiar Mexican restaurant fare, I wanted to try the dishes that came with a twist.

Brighton Park | Health

On the Frontiers of Community Health Care

Brighton Park’s new Esperanza clinic will combine medical and social services

Sofie Lie

In March of 2018, Esperanza Health Centers broke ground on a new clinic in Brighton Park. When it opens this spring, the clinic staff, community partners, and potential patients want it to break ground in community healthcare delivery as well.