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Coronavirus in Jail

he day after her husband died on Easter Sunday, Cassandra Greer-Lee’s emotions swung from shock to pain to confusion. She wondered whether she did everything she could to save Nickolas Lee from the rapid spread of coronavirus inside Cook County Jail.  She thought of the long stream of calls she had frantically dialed over the […]

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Latinx Illinoisans surpass all groups in coronavirus cases

Latinx Illinoisans surpass all groups in coronavirus cases Many Latinx residents of Illinois are essential workers and face an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases despite making up less than a fifth of the state population. Cases are concentrated in Chicago—particularly in Little Village, Archer Heights and Belmont-Cragin—and Cook County, including suburban Cicero, according to data […]

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¿Qué pasa en los distritos? La respuesta de los concejales al coronavirus

Originally published on April 28, 2020, in English Traducido por Gisela Orozco as juntas del Concilio Municipal ahora son por internet; las oficinas de los distritos se encuentran (generalmente) cerradas. La votación del 24 de abril para concederle a la alcaldesa Lori Lightfoot poder tributario para gastos de emergencia ocasionó un debate amargo. Entonces, ¿exactamente […]

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Q&A: Coronavirus and COVID-19 Basics

he following is an edited transcript of an interview with bacteriologist Allen Helm, a senior biosafety officer in the Office of Research Safety at the University of Chicago, about the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, conducted by host Jamie Trecker. The interview aired on March 11 on Lumpen Radio, WLPN: 105.5 FM. Reprinted with permission. […]