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Natalie Gonzalez

Last November, when William and Jacqueline Lynch moved their art gallery into the recently reopened Strand Apartments on 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, they were unaware of their new building’s historical import. “I did know about the Grand Ballroom down the street,” said William. “I didn’t know anything about this building.”

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All in the Family

A battle over a Pilsen real estate empire highlights the neighborhood’s uncertain future

Julie Xu

This past fall, perceptive Chicago art lovers may have noticed the absence of one long-standing tradition: after forty-five years, the Pilsen East Artists’ Open House wasn’t happening.


Becoming a Better Neighbor

UofC professor Bart Schultz talks about his work with the Civic Knowledge Project

Zelda Galewsky

“If people come back ten years from now, or fifteen years from now, and it looks as though what happened was urban renewal or gentrification under another name, well, you’ll be getting the same kinds of critical histories you got about urban renewal in the fifties and sixties, right?” – Bart Schultz

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The More Things Change

Amid new arts development, Pullman seeks to preserve its sense of history

Ellen Hao

On January 11, Tom McMahon stood up to call to order a public meeting at the Pullman National Monument Visitor Center, introducing himself by simultaneously disavowing and affirming the importance of his own place in Pullman’s community: “I’m the president of the Pullman Civic Organization. I’m also a board member of Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives. Tonight, I’m just the moderator, here to ask questions and address concerns raised during the last meeting.”

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After the Video

Jasmin Liang

On November 24th, the City of Chicago released a 2014 video of CPD officer Jason Van Dyke fatally shooting seventeen-year-old Laquan McDonald. The video led to massive protests, and the resignations of key city officials. A second police shooting the day after Christmas resulted in the deaths of Quintonio LeGrier, a nineteen-year-old with a history of mental health issues, and Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old mother of five. The following timeline includes some of the most important moments of these past six weeks.


Spectacle in the Windy City

Slaughterhouse is a thorough, entertaining exploration of Chicago’s bloody past

At its most efficient, the bloody sea of workers at these packinghouses took a little over half an hour to process each of the 7,000 hogs that passed through their factories every day.


Chicago to Baltimore

Protesters rally for Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, and other victims of police brutality

Courtesy of Black Youth Project 100

“They worked tirelessly to keep us from this property. That’s the only shit they care about.”


Mitchell Attacks Rauner Budget

Carrie Chui

Much of the town hall meeting, which took place in the auditorium of Bouchet Math and Science Academy in South Shore, was devoted to ripping into the (to use Mitchell’s word) “draconian” budget proposal.