Arts Issue 2018 | Neighbors | Visual Arts

Breaking It Down

Questioning and connecting to art with Smart Museum docent Katherine Davis

Kiran Misra

After one of Katherine Davis’s tours at the Smart Museum, she gathered her group of two dozen students around Emmanuel Pratt’s wooden art installation outside of the main gallery. To evoke a connection between blues music and the art in the museum, Davis led a call-and-response rendition of “Let the Good Times Roll.” It worked. The whole group clapped, sang, and even danced along. Between Davis’s rich voice and her vibrant energy, this was not your ordinary docent-led museum tour.


Gathering Force

Ciera McKissick, editor of AMFM Magazine, is two years into her stint as a Chicago local

Kristin Lin

“I think that home is wherever I am and wherever I’m doing stuff and wherever I’m engrained in at the moment,”


City Witches

Laura Gonzalez, witch for hire

Carolina Sanchez

“No, we don’t eat babies and we don’t kill cats. What you see in the movies—no. We don’t fly on brooms.”