Divvy for Everyone?

Recent data shows that South Siders are still underserved by Divvy's network

Data Visualization by Jean Cochrane © Mapbox, Data ODbL © OpenStreetMap contributors

Hyde Park presents one of the most encouraging examples for Divvy expansion on the South Side

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Underserved and Under the Spotlight

Uber brings the South Side into the battle between taxis and ridesharing services in Chicago

Ellie Mejia and Sylvia Wei

“There’s no question that a lot of people are getting service that weren’t getting it before,” Mayer said of Uber’s ridesharing services, but at the same time, “most folks driving Uberx are not bopping over to Englewood or Pullman or Roseland to get a cup of coffee.”

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Back on Track

The Dan Ryan Red Line makes a quiet return



A Chicago newcomer—one unfamiliar with the Dan Ryan Red Line’s history of slowness or with its recent reconstructions—might have taken a ride from the 95th/Dan Ryan station to Chinatown on October 20 and concluded that nothing was out of the ordinary. An experienced rider, however, would have noted that the trip took them only twenty minutes, which, according to the CTA, is a phenomenal twenty-five minutes faster than it was prior to the reconstruction.  Continue reading