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Revisiting a closed school for special needs students

On the phone last month, Dr. Otis Taylor did not sound like a man who had just lost his job. He didn’t point any fingers and he did not express remorse. In fact, he sounded like he might have been smiling. “I’m done with this part of my life,” he said, speaking of his four years as principal at Buckingham, a former CPS school. “It’s in my past, it happened.” Continue reading

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At a polluted lot on 104th Street, a plan to ease crowded schools



At three o’clock on a recent Friday afternoon, the playground at Jane Addams Elementary School exploded with action.

Pent-up energy from the day and week came pouring out of the small building and stuffy trailers that make up the East Side school as sprinting students, visiting alumni, and chatting families gathered in the open lot surrounding Addams’ small jungle gym.  Continue reading