Best of the South Side 2015 | Little Italy | University Village

Best of University Village/ Little Italy 2015

Luke White

No matter what part of the city you’re coming from, getting to University Village/Little Italy isn’t difficult. Aside from the Pink and Blue line stops at UIC and the Medical District, more than eight bus routes snake through the neighborhood. While taking the 8 north up Halsted is the easiest way to bisect the neighborhood, you get an impromptu lesson in Chicago history if you take an east-west route. Driving west brings passengers near the Jane Addams Hull House, the site of the former ABLA homes, and the Original Al’s Italian Beef.

Urban planning

Close Encounters with the Furred Kind

The Chicago coyote: neighbor or nuisance?

Javier Suarez

In 2007, customers fled from a Quiznos on Adams St. in the Loop when a coyote snuck in through a propped door and sat down in a refrigerated beverage case. The coyote didn’t bother anyone, but he didn’t buy a sandwich either, so about an hour after his entry, Animal Control came to relocate him to a more appropriate location. Continue reading

Visual Arts

A Walk in the Park

"HOLDING" at ACRE Projects

Watching his feet tremble, I know he is going to fall off the wall. Luckily for him, he gains stability on his perch—two rocks bolted a few feet from the ground—and suddenly appears immovable.

Hyde Park | Visual Arts

Butter Elbow, Then and Now

Hyde Park’s strangest (and only) animation fest returns

Stills from "San Laszlo Contro Santa Maria Egiziaca" by Magda Guidi

We sit in semi-circles of folding chairs around the projector, snacks and lemonade in hand, waiting for the lights to dim.


Hide and Seek

The children’s novels of Blue Balliett

VermeerEver since author Blue Balliett published her first novel, Chasing Vermeer, ten years ago, her readers have been made to discover the mysteries and coincidences intrinsic to their lives. By taking the real world and rendering it mysterious, Balliett fosters in children and re-instills in adults an appreciation for the magic of coincidence and connection. Continue reading

Pilsen | Visual Arts

Shotgunning a Beer in Panties

"Lit Up" at Forever and Always

It was like crashing an intimate party. People would just reach into the fridge— covered in magnets and shopping lists  and art—and pull out a can or two of Busch Light. There were boxes of the stuff stacked in the kitchen by the recycling bin and mostly-empty cans piled together inside an ornately carved fireplace. Continue reading